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Transform your body with a non-invasive treatment that tightens and tones.

EvolveX Machine

EvolveX is the latest, FDA-approved technology from Inmode — the same company responsible for the revolutionary Morpheus8 microneedling treatment.

EvolveX uses two types of technology to tighten skin, reduce fat, and tone muscle.

How is EvolveX different from Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 microneedling involves breaking the skin with tiny punctures. EvolveX, on the other hand, is 100% non-invasive. This translates to zero pain during the procedure and zero downtime afterward.

What areas can be treated with EvolveX?

EvolveX was designed with larger treatment areas in mind. You can even treat multiple areas simultaneously!

Other Common Questions About EvolveX:

The cost of an EvolveX treatment depends on the area being treated and the number of sessions purchased. The best way to get transparent, no-pressure pricing is to schedule a consultation with us.
Very! EvolveX is not only FDA-approved, but it uses technologies that have been used in medical settings for years. To ensure maximum safety, body and skin temperatures are continuously monitored during treatment to ensure that areas are treated effectively for best results.
The fat loss from EvolveX is permanent. Once the fat cells die, they’re gone for good. However, future weight gain may cause new fat cells to appear. By a similar token, any muscle mass that is built through an EvolveX treatment will need to be maintained through regular exercise to avoid atrophy.
Your provider will apply a cooling gel on your treatment area and secure the treatment paddles to your body with a soft belt. Your tolerance will be determined with a series of tests to ensure that you get the most effective treatment possible while remaining comfortable. Once the treatment begins, you get to relax!
Patients describe the treatment as a warming sensation along with gentle muscle contractions. It’s very comfortable!
Not at all! You can resume normal activities immediately after your treatment.
It’s very simple! Keep the skin on your treatment area hydrated with a quality moisturizer and hydrate from within with plenty of water.
It generally takes several weeks for your body to shed fat cells, so your fat reduction results will improve over the course of your treatment sessions. You may even notice some improvement in fat and cellulite immediately after your first treatment. The results of skin tightening and muscle toning will come more gradually, but you can expect to see changes after your first few sessions. Since EvolveX stimulates collagen production, your results will continue to improve over several months following your final treatment.
6 treatments at one-week intervals are recommended for best results.
Each session lasts 30-60 minutes.
The best candidates for EvolveX are men or women who lead a generally healthy lifestyle with a stable weight and BMI below 30. EvolveX is designed for fat loss (not weight loss), so people who have stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise are ideal candidates.